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Customer management

Enel’s constant commitment to providing our customers high-quality products and services, as well as the care and attention we pay to those same customers, has enabled the Group to acquire new customers in areas such as Latin America, for the electricity market, and in Italy and Spain for the gas market.

Through products designed for both the residential and business markets, the company has confirmed proposals made over the years by providing dedicated offerings that come with a lower environmental impact and positive returns for society. In Italy, we launched the SPECIALE LUCE offering, which features the exclusive use of energy certified to be from renewable sources, and confirmed the offerings EnergiaX65 and EnergiaXOggi, which were launched in 2015. These latter two offerings also feature the exclusive use of energy certified to be from renewable sources and have a great social impact thanks to the benefits they bring to various vulnerable groups, such as the elderly.

In July 2016, we also launched the Smart Hotel offering designed for sustainable tourism in precise segments of the business market. This offering includes the provision of 100% renewable energy and even a health-care policy free of charge for hotel guests. Another particularly significant agreement has been reached in Spain between Enel and the City of Madrid, which will be served exclusively with renewable energy for 2017. Following this same approach, offerings for the provision of electricity together with insurance packages were launched in Romania, and a pilot project has been launched which seeks to improve access to electricity for vulnerable segments of the population of Bucharest. In addition, in order to actively increase customer awareness of green issues, the new site for Enel Romania contains information on the benefits that electronic billing (eBill) has on the environment.

The leadership of a company such as Enel necessarily involves paying great attention both to the customer and to service quality, aspects that concern more than just the provision of electricity and/or natural gas, extending, above all, to intangible aspects of our service that concern the perception and satisfaction of our customers.

In this area, too, Enel has defined numerous processes aimed at ensuring our customers receive high-quality service. In Italy, the commercial quality of all our channels of contact is ensured through systematic monitoring of the sales and management processes in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and that we respect the privacy, freedom and dignity of our customers. To this end, there is the New Quality Control Model, which introduces contractual KPIs, associated with minimum thresholds for the assignment of bonuses and penalties, for partners that manage sales and customer-care activities. On the Iberian peninsula, we continue to have the Plan de Excelencia en la Atención Comercial (Excellence in Customer Service Plan), which is entirely aimed at improving customer satisfaction indicators, and in Romania customers can provide feedback by way of a range of channels, including our contact center and web site.

We have also launched various campaigns and programs to promote the efficient use of energy. To this end, in Colombia, we ran the social-media campaign “No malgastes tu energía innecesariamente, tampoco la de tu hogar” (Don’t waste your energy unnecessarily, even in the home) with the goal of generating widespread awareness of the intelligent use of energy. In Brazil, too, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on energy efficiency and energy awareness with the development of projects such as “Enel Comparte Consumo Consciente” (Enel Sharing Informed Consumption) and “Enel Comparte Eficiencia” (Enel Sharing Efficiency), the goal of which was to provide educational programs while, at the same time, replacing light bulbs and appliances with new, more efficient products that help to reduce energy consumption.

Technological innovation and digitalization are important issues for a company such as Enel, constantly committed to finding new solutions to offer our customers. In Italy, for example, we launched smart-home initiatives in 2016 in order to contribute to the development of technologies with a lower environmental impact, as well as energy services with the introduction of the sale of high-efficiency home appliances and smart energy solutions (SES) that enable businesses to save up to 30% on energy consumption. In October, we also launched an energy-storage line for customers interested in increasing their consumption of self-generated energy from their photovoltaic systems. In the area of home automation, we have the “e-goodlife” range of innovative, useful services centered around energy awareness and remotely controlling the home. In Spain, too, by way of the Endesa-Nexo initiative, we are proposing new solutions to our customers for the management of home devices via web, while also continuing to develop “integral solutions” that enable customers to purchase high-efficiency home appliances and other devices with Enel’s full support, from installation to product management. In Chile, we developed the Solar Electric and Full Electric projects, which provide technologically advanced solutions using renewable energy that help end users increase their energy efficiency so as to reduce their environmental impact while they save money.

Enel has also confirmed our interest in sustainable mobility by creating dedicated offerings and initiatives, including in Italy, where we launched e-Go Ricarica, a time-based rather than consumption-based offering with top-ups via app and e-Go All Inclusive, the integrated e-mobility offering created by Enel Energia and Nissan. During the year, we also signed agreements with Mercedes-Benz and Nissan, who were then joined by BMW, to promote e-mobility, with led to the “Enel Editions”, the first full-electric vehicles under the brand of a leading utility company.

Customers by geographical area

Average no.    
- Italy26,776,63527,072,083(295,448)-1.1%
- Latin America15,478,25515,074,266403,9892.7%
- Iberian Peninsula (1)11,047,93711,111,105(63,168)-0.6%
- Romania2,736,9082,691,84945,0591.7%
- Other countries-7,274(7,274)-
Total electricity customers56,039,73555,956,57783,1580.1%
Natural gas:    
Spain (1)1,513,3791,286,443226,93617.6%
Total natural gas customers5,389,5704,997,865391,7057.8%

(1) Restated 2015 figures for Iberian Peninsula and Spain.