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Natural gas markets

Natural gas demand

Millions of m3

Demand for natural gas in 2016 contracted slightly in Italy, while consumption rose by 1.8% in Spain. In Italy, industrial and residential consumption declined, partly offset by an increase in gas use for conventional electricity generation.


Domestic gas demand

Millions of m3
Distribution networks29,71830,992(1,274)-4.1%
Thermal generation21,70420,4751,2296.0%
Other (1)1,3431,397(54)-3.9%

(1) Includes other consumption and losses.
Source: Enel based on data from the Ministry for Economic Development and Snam Rete Gas.

Domestic demand for natural gas in 2016 totaled 65,256 million cubic meters, a decrease of 0.3% on the previous year.
The contraction in consumption in the industrial and residential segments was offset by an increase in thermal generation, prompted by a decrease in the availability of renewable resources and the favorable prices of fuels.

Price developments

1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th Quarter
Average residential user with annual consumption of between 481 and 1,560 m3 (€/m3): price net of taxes0.470.410.420.430.510.480.480.49

Fonte: Autorità per l’energia elettrica il gas e il sistema idrico.

The annual average sales price of natural gas in Italy decreased by 12.4% in 2016.