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Corporate boards

Board of Directors

ChairmanChief Executive Officer
and General Manager 
Patrizia GriecoFrancesco StaraceAlfredo Antoniozzi
Alessandro Banchi
Alberto Bianchi
Paola Girdinio
Alberto Pera
Anna Chiara Svelto
Angelo Taraborrelli
Claudio Sartorelli

Board of Auditors

ChairmanAuditorsAlternate auditors
Sergio DucaRomina Guglielmetti
Roberto Mazzei
Michela Barbieri
Alfonso Tono
Franco Luciano Tutino

Independent auditors



Board of Directors

The Board is vested by the bylaws with the broadest powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Company, and specifically has the power to carry out all the actions it deems advisable to implement and attain the corporate purpose.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Chairman is vested by the bylaws with the powers to represent the Company and to sign on its behalf, presides over Shareholders’ Meetings, convenes and presides over the Board of Directors, and ascertains that the Board’s resolutions are carried out. Pursuant to a Board resolution of May 23, 2014, the Chairman has been vested with a number of additional non-executive powers.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is also vested by the bylaws with the powers to represent the Company and to sign on its behalf, and in addition is vested by a Board resolution of May 23, 2014 with all powers for managing  the Company, with the exception of those that are otherwise assigned by law or the bylaws or that the aforesaid resolution reserves for the Board of Directors.