Enel is Open Power

Open to the world, to technology and, internally, among our people. This is the strategic concept of Open Power. But in order to transfer to our customers and stakeholders the essence of a new innovative and open Enel, it is essential to instill this approach to openness within the Company.
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Report on operations

Enel is a pioneer in the deep transformation of the global energy sector, well positioned to face the difficulties and challenges thrown up by often sudden changes in the scenario. The Company stands ready to use all the levers and the flexibility gained in the past three years to seize the opportunities for growth and creation of new value, which the changes taking place in the industry are making possible.
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Financial statements

For Enel, 2016 was a very positive year. The Group exceeded its targets, which had already been revised upwards during the year.
With regard to industrial growth, in 2016 Enel set a record for the installation of renewables capacity in a year, exceeding the threshold of 2,000 MW built.
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